X-Plan Pricing

Who Is Eligible for X-Plan?



  • Selected Best Ford Fleet Customers

  • Selected Ford Motor Company Suppliers

  • Selected Ford Motor Company Fleet Customers

  • Selected Companies/Organizations, Strategically Related to Ford Motor Company

Participants will be required to show proof of employment by an organization eligible for Partner Recognition benefits; at the time they take delivery of their vehicle.

Facts About X-Plan:

X-Plan provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of driving a Ford Motor Company vehicle.

Current X-Plan programs which recognize an ongoing relationship include:

  • Supplier Partner Recognition

  • Fleet Account Employee Appreciation

  • Friends & Neighbors.

How does the process work?

  • Step 1: Eligible employee obtains organization’s Partner Recognition Code.

  • Step 2: A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is obtained by calling Stephanie Gillis at  603-889-0161 x 222. You will be required to provide your Name, Address and company of employment

  • Step 3: Participants visit BEST Ford and identify themselves as a Partner Recognition (X-Plan) participant. Provides the dealer with your PIN number.

  • Step 4: Select a vehicle.

  • Step 5: Provide proof of employment by an eligible Ford partner through a pay stub, company ID, business card, W-2, etc.

  • Step 6: Arrange for delivery through BEST Ford.

How many vehicles may be obtained through X-Plan?

Eligible employees, retirees and their spouses may purchase or lease Two vehicles per calendar year through the Partner Recognition Program. Vehicles must be titled and registered in the eligible employee or spouse’s name (vehicles may not be titled or registered in a company name).

How long is the program in effect?

There is no expiration date for the program, however, Ford Motor Company reserves the right to modify the program, remove eligibility, or cancel the program at any time.

What is (X-Plan) Pricing?

X-Plan pricing is a pre-negotiated sales price set by Ford Motor Company. X-plan pricing is a no haggle – non negotiable – price and is only available to individuals qualified through the X-Plan.

Are X-Plan participants eligible for other incentives?

Yes – for most. Partner recognition participants are eligible for all public incentives and many incentives normally paid to the dealer. There are some special offers that are not compatible with this offer.

Participants should ask the dealer to determine which incentives they are eligible for. Dealers should check the C&I summary on fdealer.com and VINCENT to determine eligibility.

Are any other items covered through the X-Plan?

No – dealer installed options, conversion packages, extended warranties, accessories, etc. are not covered by this program and must be agreed-upon between the participant and the dealer. BEST Ford provides competitive pricing to all add-ons.

Can vehicles be purchased or leased?

Yes – the only requirement with leasing, is that the financing must be obtained through Ford Credit.

Can a vehicle be traded in combination with this program?


Can participants receive X-Plan Plus pricing and additional incentives?

Yes – X-Plan participants may use all qualifying incentives in addition to the X-Plan pricing.

X-Plan recipients are eligible for all Ford retail incentives (except college grad rebate).

How do I find out if I am eligible?

Call or email today and I will be happy to get you the information that you need. We can look up partner eligibility in minutes. You are on your way to the easiest buying experience of your life!! Contact information is below.

For more information on the X-Plan Contact:

Stephanie Gillis
Internet Sales Manager
Direct Line: 603-889-0161 x222

Qualification for Program