The Consumer Data Protection and the Administration Fee are standardized for each vehicle transaction regardless of the year, make, model, or price. Consumer Data Protection is $249 and the Administration Fee is $572 and is part of the total amount due; this should be considered when evaluating the total cost of purchase. 

The Administration Fee addresses costs incurred by the dealership that are charged separately from those paid to acquire the vehicle and secure its title. In addition to the cost for a state safety inspection, the Administration Fee recognizes some of the costs related to compliance with federal and state laws which provide for safety, consumer protection, anti-theft measures, notifications, certifications, official filings, as well as document/data storage and security. 

Before vehicles can be sold, dealers must invest in personnel training to comply with many rules and regulations. All transactions involve the same services, but all cary legal requirements and documents to support those requirements. 

Dealers must collect non-public, personal information that may be required as a result of a credit or title application. Responsibilities that come with managing this information require the dealer to insure that method for collection, submission, storage, and disposal of certain types of information be compliant with information security guidelines. 

Dealers must comply with state and federal laws, rules, and regulations specific to motor vehicles, which are implemented and enforced by these state and federal agencies: 

  • NH Department of Safety
  • NH Division of Motor Vehicles
  • NH Inspection and Dealer Program Unit
  • NH New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board
  • NH Vehicle Emissions Program
  • NH State Police
  • NH Banking Department
  • NH Department of Environmental Services
  • NH Attorney General
  • NH Insurance Department
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • US Department of Labor
  • US Immigration and Naturalization Services
  • US Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Federal Motor Carriers Administration
  • US Research & Special Products Administration

Consumer Date Protection and Administration responsibilities: 

  • Check vehicle safety, history and titles
  • Provide full condition information on window label
  • Discover & disclose accurate vehicle mileage
  • Check for recalls on used vehicles where required
  • Complete required forms that protect customers
  • Process titles and license plates
  • Keep information private and secure
  • Process rebates on purchases
  • Fulfill vehicle emissions laws
  • Inform consumers of right and obligations
  • Keep important records of purchase
  • Purchase required forms & supplies
  • Maintain technology to process documents
  • Maintain professional licenses
  • Train staff to carry out protection laws
  • Maintain required Dealer Bond
The information provided in this form is not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive but are, instead, used for explanatory and illustrative purposes only. Actual expenses incurred and recovered through an Administration or Services Fee, as well as the size of the fee may vary by dealer, location and transaction.