Ford Edge vs. Honda Passport: Which Two-Row SUV is for You?

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When you start the search for your next vehicle, there's a lot of work to do, and much of that comes from comparing various models that seem to be a fit for you. Well, one of the most competitive and popular vehicle segments is the crossover SUV class, and if you're considering this category, the new Ford Edge and Honda Passport are probably models you've heard a lot about. These two-row SUVs near Windham have lots of fans among drivers with active lifestyles, but there are some stark differences between them, which you can learn with our crossover SUV comparison below!

What Separates the Ford Edge from the Honda Passport?

Performance is a key part in both of these two-row SUVs, but the Ford Edge remains the more versatile of the two as it has a range of engine options while the Honda Passport only has one. The larger engine lineup of the Ford Edge means that it has both the more powerful and more efficient engine option when comparing with the Honda Passport, and the Edge also has a quieter ride, which helps relax Merrimack passengers after a long workday.

What else helps you relax in the Ford Edge? Well, it has more head and legroom for each row of passengers than what the Passport offers, and the Edge has features like heated/ventilated seats for each row that you can't find in the new Honda SUV near Nashua. These are also SUVs that families may consider, and the Edge provides a longer list of driver-assist systems than what the Passport offers, so you feel more secure when in stressful situations!

If you're considering a new Honda Passport near Manchester, we believe you should take a look at the Ford Edge before making your decision, and we think the info from our comparison above supports that. At our dealership, you can find the new Ford Edge in Nashua along with all the help you need to make sure that it's the right model for you, so we hope you swing by soon!

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